NI-CD Battery (Nickel-Cadmium alkaline rechargeable battery)
Sintered capacity type: 10AH~250AH
Pocket capacity type: 10AH~1000AH
NI-MH Battery (Nickel-Metal Hydride rechargeable battery)    
Capacity type: 20AH~100AH
Li-Ion Battery (Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery)    
Capacity Type: 20AH~100AH    
S-Zn Battery (Silver-Zinc rechargeable battery)    
Capacity Type: 10AH~50AH    
Industry battery DC Power application:    

Emergency lighting, Telecommunications operation, Railway DC power sources, Iron works,Oil refineries, Chemical plants, UPS, engine starting, Operation and control of DC motor,AGV, Gas turbine generator, Airport, Airplane, Tanks, Water treatment plants, … ect.

The type approval certificate of IEC60623 for pocket type battery issued by MOODY International Group.
The certificate of ISO9001 quality system.